About Meat & Cut Sheets

After paying for your deposit, please fill out the applicable form and send it to us.

The animals are free range, hormone-free, and have had no antibiotics.

Grain finished beef has larger steaks and more marbling than grass-fed.

Beef might vary between 500-700 pounds, hanging weight.

Cut and wrap to your liking. We pay the kill fee of $135.

Processing in a state certified USDA facility.

Complimentary delivery to your home.

A deposit of $250 will secure your spot.

Enjoy a freezer full of local beef!

Contact us for any further questions. https://blackcoffeeranch.grazecart.com/


To get an idea of the amount of beef one receives, you can expect approximately 65 percent of the hanging weight in packages.

Sausage and jerky cost extra. Consult Pioneer Meats in Big Timber for details.