About Meat & Cut Sheets

After paying for your deposit, please fill out the applicable form and send it to us.

$3.90/pound, plus cut and wrap for all-natural Angus beef. The animals are free range, hormone-free, and have had no antibiotics.

Beef might vary between 500-800 pounds, hanging weight. To get an idea of the amount of beef one receives, you can expect between 55-70 percent of the hanging weight in packages.

Cut and wrap to your liking is .90/lb***, hanging weight. We pay the kill fee of $135.

Processing in a state certified USDA facility is the end of September.

Complimentary delivery to your home** will be about the end of October.

A non-refundable deposit of $250 will secure your spot.

Enjoy a freezer full of local beef!

Contact us for any further questions.


Beef cut sheet can be found here: https://blackcoffeeranch.com/cut-sheets

*All weights are an approximation

**Billings or Roundup area. We can arrange for a meet up for those outside the area.

***This price has raised in the past year twice, so it is possible it may raise slightly again.