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Whole Lamb Deposit

Whole Lamb Deposit

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$5/pound hanging weight, plus cut and wrap for all-natural, grass-fed lamb. The animals are free range, hormone-free, and have had no antibiotics.

Lamb might vary between 55-90* pounds, hanging weight. To get an idea of the amount of lamb one receives, you can expect between 60-75 percent of the hanging weight in packages.

Cut and wrap to your liking is $50***. We pay the $50 kill fee.

Processing in a state certified USDA facility is February, 2023.

Complimentary delivery to your home** will be about March 2023.

A non-refundable deposit of $75 will secure your spot.

Contact us for any further questions.


*All weights are an approximation

**Billings or Roundup area. We can arrange for a meet up for those outside the area.

***The butcher raises this price regularly, so it is possible it may raise slightly before butcher date.