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Deluxe Gift Box

Deluxe Gift Box

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The Deluxe Gift Box is the premium experience! Start dinner right with the delicious Cranberry Marmalade sauce to add flavor to your favorite meat. The highlight of this box is the hand-crafted ceramic mug! Of course, there is a package of coffee grounds to make our favorite hot beverage to fill that lovely mug full. Set the ambiance with the comforting glow of beeswax candles. What else could you want? Maybe a touch of sweetness. Creamed honey and honey filled sticks fit the bill! Don't miss out on this gorgeous box! Limited supply available!

1 Cranberry Marmalade Sauce

1 2-pack Holiday Beeswax Candles (color may vary between red, green, or white)

2 Mini-Creamed Honey

1 Thunderbolt Ground Coffee

1 Branded 12-14 oz Mug

4 Honey Sticks

Email or text me if you would like a custom gift box.