Arthritis, Muscle, & Pain Reliever Blend

Arthritis, Muscle, & Pain Reliever Blend

I (Dennis) researched essential oils to determine which were the most efficacious for joint inflammation, muscle tension, inflammation, pain and an all around good massage oil for sore muscles and connective tissue.

have personally found this essential oil blend good for joint pain and inflammation, back and neck pain due to inflamed muscles, tight, spasming and inflamed muscles due to exertion, headaches, and even as a mosquito and fly repellent! For me, I use it for pain relief and joint inflammation! It is anti-bacterial and promotes wound healing
at more than twice the speed of normal healing!


I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and Ankylosing Spondylitis. RA is
inflammation of the joints, deterioration of the lining of the joints
causing inflammation and ultimately misshapen joints and fingers. AS
is an inflammation of connecting tissue, tendons and ligaments all
over the body, ultimately resulting in the calcification of joints.
You may have seen people with advanced degrees of AS. They are
notable because the connecting tissue in their spine has calcified so
they are frozen in an extreme bent over position when standing, which
is basically the position they assume sitting.

I was at the max does of all the drugs for these kind of arthritis',
$200,000 a year worth of drugs and doctors, and I was still getting
worse! I was told all I had to look forward to was pain management.
When I was on these drugs I was prescribed Voltaren gel at $100 a
tube, a powerful anti-inflammatory for my hands because I play guitar
in concert. We were getting our Voltaren from Mexico because it was
much cheaper. Now it is cheaper in the US. Several years ago we began
a holistic natural approach in our pursuit of wellness. We went on
the GAPS diet which is amazing at helping multiple kinds of
Auto-immune diseases. I got off all my drugs and am in much better
shape than when I first realized I had the auto-immune diseases. I
don't use Voltaren gel any longer for the occasional flare-ups since
I developed this Arthritis, Muscle & Pain Reliever Blend of
essential oils. This blend of essential oils reduces pain,
inflammation, and gives me more mobility than the expensive and toxic
Voltaren gel!

Massage into skin until absorbed. For headaches, small amount
massaged into temples, forehead and neck at hairline.


Jojoba (High absorption carrier oil), Safflower seed oil (High absorption carrier oil), Peppermint (Pain, Inflammation, spasms), Marjoram (Relax, pain, inflammation), Lavender (Relax, pain, Inflammation), Eucalyptus (Pain, Inflammation), Rosemary (Pain, Inflammation) Clary Sage (Muscle Tension), Juniper (Muscle Tension, spasms), Frankincense (Pain, Inflammation), Basil (Anticoagulant, Inflammation) Black Pepper (Pain), Cypress (Muscle Spasms, Inflammation), Chamomile (Inflammation), Wintergreen (Inflammation, Pain), Lemon Grass (Inflammation), Bergamot (Inflammation), Arnica (inflammation), Clove (Pain). Carrier oil comprises 50% by weight